Judge Dredd - Bad Moon Rising

Chapter 1 - Episode 1

Back from a very long walk


Friday, 22nd August 2131
Briefing Room D16
Briefing Officer: Watch Commander Grice

‘Heads-up Judges.

‘A busy one today. Annual Mopad Park-In Festival at the Synibar Mopark off Bob Mould Mega Circular. Estimated 300 vehicles expected and the usual litany of arguments, score-settling, traffic hold-ups on the arterial megways and petty perps looking for some easy scores amongst the unattended mopads. Ten Judges to be in attendance, so I’m assigning Patrols 13-1 and 13-2. Get over there as soon as the briefing’s finished. You’ll have Pat, H and Meat Wagon support if you need it.

‘Item two: shooting at the ‘Konstant Cup’ synthicaf bar on Hilton and LeGrange. Three John
Does dead. No robbery. Looks like a hit. Patrol 13-3 – you’re on this one: ID on the stiffs is in
from control and pick those up at the end. These were low-level Contralto Crew runners; nothing to link the creeps with the Big Brains in Gandolfini, so may not indicate anything we need to worry about too much. But I want the usual list: witness statements, evidence, possibly perps. Were there any known contracts out on the victims? If so, who called them in? Who did they tick-off recently? Is this internal Contralto business? Shakedown anyone at Gandolfi ni that you have to but I guarantee you’ll get zip.

‘Last up for today, robbery at Guzman Sanctity Investments, an investment brokerage firm on
Eustace Fargo East Approach sked. The perps took 6 million in Bearer-Bonds and ignored the
loose change. No casualties and forensics are reporting a high-class professional job. The bonds
will most likely vanish and the company has insurance; but all the same, we need statements
and a team on the street checking known perps who operate to the same MO and a shakedown
of the local fences. Wild goosechase if you ask me but hey, it’s a crime. Patrol 13-4; you’ve got
this one.

‘Oh and Chief DiMaggio wants to see Kowalski in his office five minutes ago. Someone’s made a
complaint about Judge brutality. Again.

‘That’s it. Other minor assignments will be beamed to your bike computers. Look sharp, stay safe.’
(excerpt from Bad Moon Rising, page 8)

Judges Thane and Striker, patrol 13-3, left the morning briefing, Senior Judge Grice was having nothing today and his attitude had reflected it. Proceeding down into the underlevel they started up their LawMasters and began reviewing the info they had on their assignment. They rode up the ramp leading outside and as they did they noticed a large Foord Slabster heading straight for the the steps of the sector house.

Thane reacted quickly, assessing the situation and yelling to Striker to get alongside it. Quickly checking he noticed that the driver was not moving or reacting to anything. As Striker pulled up alongside the car Thane pulled out his Lawgiver and shot out the driver side window, again the driver didn’t react.

Looking over and seeing the the civilians on the stairs Thane shouted to Striker

“To the right!”

Striker grabbed the wheel and jerked it to the right and the Slabster turned into the courtyard, crashing into the wall of the sector house. Striker almost lost control but managed to bring his LawmMaster to a stop, skidding into the sector house’s steps.

They quickly made their way over, Striker shutting off the engine while Thane checked for any explosives in the back. Finding nothing they checked the driver only to discover that he was dead and had been for a little while.

At this point Tek Judges started emerging from the sector house and started combing the wreck for anything they could find, informing the pair that they would beam any results to their bikes in a few hours. Chief DiMaggio came out to review the scene, congratulating the Judges on their quick decisive action before telling them to get back to their assignment.

Thane and Striker remounted their LawMasters and headed out towards the Konstant Cup.



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