Sector Chief Hal Di'Maggio

The Senior Judge in charge of the Sector 13 Sector House


Swarthy and dark-haired, DiMaggio is typical of a highly seasoned, highly experienced Senior Judge who has seen everything the streets of Mega-City One can throw at a person. He does not suffer fools to any degree. He runs the Sector 13 Sector House with an iron will; but he is still supportive of his Judges when they do good work – and equally quick to make them aware of their failings.

The most remarkable thing about DiMaggio is his eyes: deep, dark and filled with the wisdom of 38 years on the streets, his experience is evident in every glance and glower. He rarely smiles: Senior Judges seldom do; and his voice is the low rumble of a man who knows how to exercise his authority.

(excert from Bad Moon Rising, page 106)


Statistics: Str 8 (0), Dex 9 (1), End 9 (1), Int 10 (1),Inf 12 (+2)
Skills: Admin 1, Advocate 1, Athletics (endurance) 1, Broker 1, Deception 1, Drive (Lawmaster) 3, Gun Combat(Lawgiver) 2, Gun Combat (slug rifle) 2, Investigate 2, Jack of All Trades 1, Law 2, Mega-City One Geography 1, Mega-City One History 1, Melee (bludgeon) 1, Melee (unarmed combat) 1, Street Perception 2
Special Techniques: Dead Halt, Formidable Presence
Weapons: Lawgiver, Daystick
Armour: Judge’s uniform (6)

Sector Chief Hal Di'Maggio

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