Judge Helmet

The iconic helmet of a Mega City One Judge


The distinctive helmet of a Judge is, perhaps, the defining element of his presence. A sophisticated, armoured, piece of headgear, it presents the implacable face of Justice to Mega-
City One’s citizens, lends weight to the public’s perception of the Judge and offers vital communications, life-support and protective elements.

The helmet is made from bonded Kevlar and plastisteel providing protection against projectiles, melee weapons and las-gun beams. The antiglare visor protects the eyes from strong sunlight and violent bursts of light and also includes infra-red imaging. The forehead-mounted respirator can also be pulled down to cover the mouth and chin and activates the helmet’s integral air supply. In this mode, a Judge is supplied with fresh oxygen for up to 20 minutes.

The helmet includes anti-shock earphones, which prevent against sonic attacks or very loud reports. And naturally enough,the helmet includes a full communications array, keeping the Judge in touch with Sector House control and fellow Judges, with an effective operating range of 20 kilometres. An auxiliary, drop-down microphone extends this range to 40 kilometres but as the microphone can interfere with general wear, it acts as a long-range back up. The comms array slaves to the Lawmaster’s own communications package allowing the Judge to communicate with the bike and use the Lawmaster’s more powerful communications tools remotely.


Judge Helmet

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