Lawgiver Mk II

the standard sidearm of Mega City One Judge

weapon (ranged)

As iconic as the helmet, the Mk II Lawgiver is the standard sidearm for all Judges. This is no mere pistol; the Lawgiver is a complete weapons system that incorporates the following unique features:

• Integral palm-sensors: These ensure that only a Judge keyed to that weapon can use it. If a
unauthorised palm print is detected by the Lawgiver’ computer, the gun self-destructs.

• Variable ammunition magazine: A Lawgiver fires six separate kinds of ammunition (see below
which can be selected manually, via a side-mounted dial or vocally, using standard voice commands.

• Integral stun-shot pulse system: The weapon emits an electronically-generated subsonic pulse
designed to stun and disorient targets rather that deliver physical injury.

• Clip-on Gas grenade adaptor: Used to fire stumm grenades to the optimum distance.

• Through-barrel targeting computer: A sensor array located at the rear of the pistol, behind the grip, provides an accurate targeting mechanism for the Judge, offering a precise image of where a standard execution round will strike when the Lawgiver is fired. The targeting system is useful when a Judge has the time to precisely aim his shot – but most of the time he relies on his Lawgiver training to deliver the snap response accuracy that is so often needed when dealing with lawbreakers and other assailants.


Lawgiver Mk II

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