the transport of a Mega City One Judge


The standard issue transportation for a Judge, the Lawmaster is as iconic as the helmet and Lawgiver. A common (and not always welcome, if you are a lawbreaker) sight on the streets, skedways, megways and Xpressways of Mega-City One, the Lawmaster is a high performance, high endurance, high technology vehicle and weapon system rolled into one. Every Judge is allocated a Lawmaster as part of his standard equipment and, naturally enough, the Academy of Law has taught him what he needs to know to get the best out of the bike.

The Lawmaster’s Notron 4000cc V8 engine with ASB quad carburettors is the power behind the Lawmaster and generates enough energy to run virtually all the bike’s functions. The powerplant runs on Justice Department, special formula, non-explosive, minimal emissions, synthi-diesel and a Judge can gain an entire shift’s patrol from a single tank. The fuel tank and engine are both protected by 12mm (12 point armour protection) plastisteel plate.



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