Judge Dredd - Bad Moon Rising

Chapter 1 - Episode 2
Murder at the Konstant Cup

After dealing with the speeding Foord Slabster Judges Thane and Striker mounted their LawMasters and drove to the corner of Hilton and LeGrange.


The Konstant Cup was a completely roboticized cafe, all smooth and gleaming white. Robots would normally speed around, serving coffee to customers, but today they lay silent.

Thane and Striker pulled up to the corner, leaving their LawMasters running as they walked towards the gleaming holographic, busty waitress pouring a synthi-caf over the doorway. The Tek Judges had already arrived and had cordoned off the area, and the two Street Judges entered into a forensic crime scene in progress.

Konstant cafeThe Tek Judges immediately began updating the new arrivals on the situation, they looked over the 3 bodies in the booth and the one on the floor. The young man on the floor had been shot in the back but the they immediately saw that the three in the booth had all been shot in the head, execution style.

Thane questioned the Tek Judges further while Striker conducted his own investigation around the cafe. The three serving droids had all been shot through their vid plates and CPU’s, effectively erasing their hard drives and any vid recordings they had made.On the table next to the dead civilian they noticed that there was two cups, one of which had a shade of lipstick on it. A second witness! Unfortunately the Tek Judges informed them that the Konstant Cup sat in a dead zone for the PSU and no video was recorded.

Thane began reviewing the files on the victims:
Ridgy ‘Knuckles’ Dean, age 48;
ran zziz supply rackets in the lower levels of the sector.
Pulled five years cube time for GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm)around seven years ago. Very low weight in the Contralto Crew but known to be loyal and keen to go on up in the world.
Georgi diBesti, age 51;
thug-for-rent who specialised in terrorising alien visitors fresh from Eustace Fargo Spaceport. Several convictions for assaults and facing a mandatory lobotomy if he offended again.
Toni Durante, age 49:
slightly better connected in the Crew and in charge of one of the corrupt portering rackets at the spaceport. No convictions but plenty of suspicions.

All three of the victims were known members of the Contralto crime syndicate but none of them had ever been associated with each other, the Tek Judge confirmed this by revealing that all three victims had been armed with a weapon but that none had had time to draw it. Thane and Striker seemed convinced that this was a contract kill but remained puzzled by the dead civilian behind them. The civilian had not been shot though the head but through the back, his file showed no illegal activities and, indeed, no connection at all to the mobsters lying dead in the booth.

Willy-Billy Schultz
resident of Buzz Aldrin block.
job as a trainee sub-assistant cleaner at a Sector 13 public convenience.
No Justice Department history.

As they continued investigating a call came in over their LawMasters from control concerning new evidence on the Foord Slabster incident that morning. Thane went out to his LawMaster to review the evidence while Striker remained on comms. Control informed the pair of the following concerning the Foord Slabster:

  • The Slabster was running on pre-programmed collision co-ordinates: the Sector House was most definitely the target.
  • The inside of the Slabster has been thoroughly swabbed with alcohol to eliminate prints. There is not a scrap of DNA to be found in the vehicle, save for the vehicle’s owners’. Chances are robots did the loading and gluing of the corpse.
  • The Slabster was stolen from Sector 242 a week ago. It belonged to the Rutsey family of Heston Blumenthal block. The family has no previous history with Justice Department; Rory Rutsey is a munce-chef at a diner in the block; his wife, Rita, is unemployed. Two kids, both under six years old, in the block school. The car’s autodrive system has been reprogrammed from the ground-up with the co-ordinates, speed and trajectory for hitting the Sector House. This was a custom, professional job. Had the vehicle been pack with explosives, it could have caused a lot of damage.
  • The stiff glued to the steering wheel is one Arlitch Ekhardt. Ekhardt is known to Justice Department: he was a Judge for 25 years, ten of which were with SJS. He took the Long Walk two years ago. Ekhardt was already dead when he was glued into the Slabster and an autopsy reveals that every bone in his body was broken over a prolonged period of time. In short, Ekhardt was
    captured and tortured. It is impossible to tell the cause of death but as Ekhardt was a strong man, it took a great deal to kill him. Whoever did this had both privacy and time.
  • There is nothing else in the vehicle linking it to Ekhardt. There is no message, no vid-slug, nothing.

This troubled them, a murder of a Judge is one thing but the murder of a Judge that had taken the long walk was something else. The day was shaping up to contain all kinds of mysteries. Noting it down they put it aside, whatever had happened they had this case in front of them now.

When Thane returned inside he found Striker talking to one of the Tek Judges, asking that if the vid processors on the serving droids had been deliberately destroyed perhaps they could recover pure audio recordings from them. The Tek Judge jumped on that idea and began working on it, telling them that if they found anything they would beam it to their LawMasters.

The two of them quickly convened and determined that their best course of action would be to split up and go check the residences of the mobsters and the civilian for clues and, possibly, a connection. They mounted up and drove off, Thane towards Gandolfini block and Striker towards Buzz Aldrin block.

As they drove the Tek Judge radio’d them, saying that he had recovered a partial audio file that they would want to hear, it was piped to their helmets.

Gravel-Voiced Man: ‘… I know you all got names. You had connections. I want to know who did
the fingering. Was it The Raft? Was it Palazzo? Someone higher?’

Durante: ‘Spug-off man; why should we tell you nothin’? Who are you anyway, pokin’ your face in stuff that don’t got nothin’ to do with you?’

Knuckles: ‘Yeah, like, hit the pedway, man.’

Gravel-Voiced Man: ‘The name…’

DiBesti: ‘Was a long time ago. Take a hike. We don’t remember.’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘Perhaps I can help your powers of recall.’

(A single gunshot. A woman’s scream. Sharp intakes of breath)

Durante: ‘Shit man… he was a civilian…’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘Now he’s a valued contributor to the Resyk programme. Shall I include the girl?’

Knuckles: ‘Shit…’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘The name…’

Durante: ‘Okay… okay… you gonna bring the Judges down on us like a pile of ‘crete, man.
Listen, man who squealed… I can’t be sure. I heard it was Bennetti.’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘The accountant?’

Durante: ‘Yeah…’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘He still walking?’

DiBesti: ‘Sure, man. He’s retired now, got himself a luxi-pad in…’

Durante: ‘Shut the spug-up DiBesti!’

Gravel Voiced Man: ‘That’ll do…’

Durante: ‘Wait!’

(Gunshots, very close together. End of audio.)

The audio file included a file from control on Bennetti.

Luigi Bennetti, age 61;
Retired, currently resides in Warren Buffet Luxury conapts.
Former partner in ABC Finance.
Known accountant for Max Contralto, head of the Contralto family.
Currently advises ABC and Max Contralto from time to time.

Warren buffetThane and Striker immediately turned and headed for Warren Buffet Luxury conapts, sirens blaring.

Upon arriving they could see why these were called luxury conapts, they boasted their own security force, multiple levels of pools, gardens and other luxuries. They walked past it all though and headed straight for G444, the current residence of Luigi Benetti. As they passed through though Striker noticed that the attitudes of many of the denizens and employees changed, a security official immediately made a call and a pair of giggling, bikini clad women immediately went silent and turned quickly toward the pool area nearby.

Thane knocked on the door, identifying themselves as he did. The response was immediate and in the doorway stood an aged, stooped, genial looking man in a robe. “Hello Officers, how may I help you?” he asked them. They asked him if he was Luigi Benneti and when he confirmed that he was they informed him that there was a situation that they were investigating. Thane asked if there was somewhere more secure they could discuss matters while Striker took the opportunity to go through the domicile, checking for anything out of the ordinary.

They proceeded downstairs into Benneti’s office, Striker remaining upstairs to monitor the vids for anyone suspicious. Seating himself at his desk Benneti made himself comfortable, Thane stared down at him and removed his birdy from his belt (Birdy: a device used to detect if a person is lying) and placed it on the desk. Thane began questioning him concerning the men at the Konstant Cup, leaving out the parts of the recording with the shootings. Perplexed by this, Benneti pleaded ignorance to anything that he heard, he didn’t know these men and the birdy confirmed it. Thane played the recording again, this time in full. Benneti was shocked by this, his expression one of momentary fear, but his position did not change. Thane informed him that his life was indeed in danger, and that they would like to secure him in protective custody. At this suggestion Benneti’s expression relaxed and he refused protection, stating that his own security was well up to the task. Knowing he could not force him Thane, acquiesced but left Benetti a stern warning that should anything occur he should contact the Justice Department right away, also he would be ordering a surveillance team to stay outside the boundaries of Warren Buffet block in the meantime.

Returning upstairs Thane told Striker to call in a tap to control, just in case.

Before leaving they called into control, asking if anything further had been found on the woman who had escapes from the café, control responded once she had fled they had been able to catch her on the edge of one of the PSU’s camera’s and they were able to identify her as a Daphne DiLacey, a unit was sent to her house and work and she hasn’t been to either. Thane and Striker reviewed the footage that was available and saw the woman run into the alleyway near the café, Striker queried control if Tek division had checked the alleyway but they responded that Tek had returned to the sector house and had not. Striker swore.

As they raced back along the spedways to the Konstant Cup control broke in, notifying them that Benneti had just placed a call to Max Contralto that they may want to listen to. They listened to the call as Luigi Benneti spoke to Max Contralto in veiled phrases, talking about how their crops and investments were dying and that Luigi required protection on his investments. Max promised that he would take care of it and that something stunk and would get some air freshener on it immediately.

Outside the Konstant Cup they found the alleyway easily enough and proceeded in, Thane taking the lead with Striker following, his hand on his Lawgiver. They each searched the alley, checking the dumpsters as well. Thane discovered the girl in his dumpster, shivering, covered in blood and nearly catatonic. Thane addressed her but she responded only by looking at him wide eyed, he tried coaxing her out but she refused to budge, he called for a Med wagon and psych evaluation while Striker continued trying to coax her.

The Med wagon soon arrived and they took her out to treat her, the prognosis was severe shock. They returned to the Sector house for further treatment, promising to notify Thane and Striker if and when her condition changed. They both returned to the Sector House as well, to file their paperwork. The Tek division filed a report concerning the homes of the victims, the report showed nothing out of the ordinary at their homes, the only other thing found was a message on the Delancey’s vid recorder from a female voice that had been obviously modified. The message ran as follows:

‘You know we need to meet. I have what I promised you and more besides. If you want it, bring Knuckles and diBesti, just like we agreed. Konstant Cup, Hilton and LeGrange, 3.15am.’

They had traced the call to a public phone in a shopping mall in Sector 14. PSU records showed the public phone at the time of the call and video of the call showed a large man in a trenchcoat and a wide brimmed hat. No identification could be made and as soon as he left the phone he stepped between the PSU cameras.

Hours later Ms DiLacey was coherent and Thane and Striker proceeded down to medical to question her. They asked her if she could recall what happened and she told them that Her and Willy had met for synthi-caf and synthi-sweet donuts, they had just sat down when one of the large men in the booth began eyeing her and winking at her, she didn’t like it. At that point the man had walked in and and began talking with the men in the corner, a large man in a trenchcoat and wide brimmed hat with a red band on it. Suddenly his hand flashed out towards them and it was if a gun had just appeared. Willy tried to protect her, shoving her aside as the man fired, killing him. The man then turned and in quick succession fired and killed all three of the men. She was already running at this point, she hid in the dumpster and stayed there, crying. At this point in the conversation she began to cry, crying about the red brimmed hat until she became incoherent again. They let her sleep and then returned to their cubicles to review everything they had learned.

The end of their shift came shortly afterwards.

Chapter 1 - Episode 1
Back from a very long walk


Friday, 22nd August 2131
Briefing Room D16
Briefing Officer: Watch Commander Grice

‘Heads-up Judges.

‘A busy one today. Annual Mopad Park-In Festival at the Synibar Mopark off Bob Mould Mega Circular. Estimated 300 vehicles expected and the usual litany of arguments, score-settling, traffic hold-ups on the arterial megways and petty perps looking for some easy scores amongst the unattended mopads. Ten Judges to be in attendance, so I’m assigning Patrols 13-1 and 13-2. Get over there as soon as the briefing’s finished. You’ll have Pat, H and Meat Wagon support if you need it.

‘Item two: shooting at the ‘Konstant Cup’ synthicaf bar on Hilton and LeGrange. Three John
Does dead. No robbery. Looks like a hit. Patrol 13-3 – you’re on this one: ID on the stiffs is in
from control and pick those up at the end. These were low-level Contralto Crew runners; nothing to link the creeps with the Big Brains in Gandolfini, so may not indicate anything we need to worry about too much. But I want the usual list: witness statements, evidence, possibly perps. Were there any known contracts out on the victims? If so, who called them in? Who did they tick-off recently? Is this internal Contralto business? Shakedown anyone at Gandolfi ni that you have to but I guarantee you’ll get zip.

‘Last up for today, robbery at Guzman Sanctity Investments, an investment brokerage firm on
Eustace Fargo East Approach sked. The perps took 6 million in Bearer-Bonds and ignored the
loose change. No casualties and forensics are reporting a high-class professional job. The bonds
will most likely vanish and the company has insurance; but all the same, we need statements
and a team on the street checking known perps who operate to the same MO and a shakedown
of the local fences. Wild goosechase if you ask me but hey, it’s a crime. Patrol 13-4; you’ve got
this one.

‘Oh and Chief DiMaggio wants to see Kowalski in his office five minutes ago. Someone’s made a
complaint about Judge brutality. Again.

‘That’s it. Other minor assignments will be beamed to your bike computers. Look sharp, stay safe.’
(excerpt from Bad Moon Rising, page 8)

Judges Thane and Striker, patrol 13-3, left the morning briefing, Senior Judge Grice was having nothing today and his attitude had reflected it. Proceeding down into the underlevel they started up their LawMasters and began reviewing the info they had on their assignment. They rode up the ramp leading outside and as they did they noticed a large Foord Slabster heading straight for the the steps of the sector house.

Thane reacted quickly, assessing the situation and yelling to Striker to get alongside it. Quickly checking he noticed that the driver was not moving or reacting to anything. As Striker pulled up alongside the car Thane pulled out his Lawgiver and shot out the driver side window, again the driver didn’t react.

Looking over and seeing the the civilians on the stairs Thane shouted to Striker

“To the right!”

Striker grabbed the wheel and jerked it to the right and the Slabster turned into the courtyard, crashing into the wall of the sector house. Striker almost lost control but managed to bring his LawmMaster to a stop, skidding into the sector house’s steps.

They quickly made their way over, Striker shutting off the engine while Thane checked for any explosives in the back. Finding nothing they checked the driver only to discover that he was dead and had been for a little while.

At this point Tek Judges started emerging from the sector house and started combing the wreck for anything they could find, informing the pair that they would beam any results to their bikes in a few hours. Chief DiMaggio came out to review the scene, congratulating the Judges on their quick decisive action before telling them to get back to their assignment.

Thane and Striker remounted their LawMasters and headed out towards the Konstant Cup.

Prologue - The Academy of Law
Character creation session

Term 1
The recruits were brought to the Academy of Law by their parents, having been accepted as potential Judges from their aptitude tests. Around them children we’re being comforted by the tutor bots and their parents. Throughout the hall stern faced Judges stood by to remind them that what they were entering wasn’t going to be easy. Two children in particular, Cassimir Striker and Velrik Thanesaid goodbye to their parents before being led off to the main hall where an elderly Judge awaited them. The elderly Judge impressed upon the group of children the importance of the task before them and welcomed them to the academy, very few listened. After the speech the children were divided into their groups and led off to their dormitories.

The first Term found the children being taught all the basic skills they would need, literacy, numeracy, cognitive exercises and creative play. The tutor bots met all their needs and they began to learn what life as a Judge would be like.

Striker and Thane found themselves in group 13, a group composed of four children, Cadets Thane, Striker, Rose and Rolley. Cadet Thane found himself excelling in physical exercise, outgrowing all the others. Cadet Striker, though, excelled in the coordination exercises, distinguishing himself with his tutors. Cadet Rose soon proved to be quite adept at the law and excelled in her studies while Rolley, an overweight child initially had trouble relating to the other kids and initially was a target of bullying from some of the other squads, fortunately he formed a bond with the rest of his squad and the other kids soon learned how difficult it would to pick on a member of squad 13.

The four of them, working together, blew through their exams with relative ease, although still coming in behind several of the other squads.

Term 2
At the beginning of the second term all cadets were told that this term would see a dramatic increase in their physical training, academic training and they would also begin training with Lawgivers and Lawmasters. Excited but worried Squad 13 dived into their studies.

It became evident in what directions each member would go, Thane and Rose both delved into the law, spending time together in the library, Striker quickly proved his skill on both the firing and driving range and Rolley committed himself to his physical training, surpassing many other students and proving himself capable in the eyes on his instructors. The term also saw the beginning of unarmed combat lessons and while Rose and Striker didn’t take to them very well, Thane and Rolley excelled in every class.

By the end of the term the students were subjected to a live ammunition exercise in a recreation of Mega City One, they had to make their way to a predetermined extraction point while taking down drones and targets. Again Squad 13 proved themselves, with Thane taking point while Striker covered him, with Rose and Rolley covering the flanks. They managed to reach the extraction point without any casualties but unfortunately the emergence of teenage hormones caused friction within the group, and they came in third overall. Thane and Striker in particular butted heads and harsh words were exchanged.

Term 3
At the beginning of the third term tempers were already flaring but luckily the discipline and bond of the last 7 years prevented it from boiling over into anything more than harsh words and the occasional shoulder bump.

The Instructors informed everyone that this year the training would become even harder but first they would all undergo tests to determine psychic potential. Nobody in Squad 13 proved to be psychic and while other members of other squads all transferred into either Psy, Tek or Med divisions Squad 13 reached a unanimous consensus that they would all remain Street Judges. This had the effect of bringing the squad closer as a group and eliminated the bickering.

The squad stood by each other and soon relationship began to form. Both Thane and Striker began competing (friendly this time) for the affection of Rose despite relationships being off limits. Some physical reciprocation did occur but it never advanced beyond that. Rose spent a lot of time in the library after that and her knowledge of the law accelerated by leaps and bounds. Rolley continued his lessons and soon began to dominate in the unarmed combat classes while Thane became his constant sparring partner. Striker focused himself on his training, losing himself on his Lawmaster or on the range with his Lawgiver, he soon began attaining some of the highest scores the Academy had ever seen.

Again, the squads were subjected to live fire exercises, this time though Squad 13 dominated the scoring. Many of the other squads had diversified themselves with Tek, Med and even a couple of Psy specializations and it showed in some of their tactics, Squad 13 though had refined theirs, always training together until they could read each other with saying a word and they pushed their way through to the extraction point faster than anyone else. They had very little time to celebrate though as the Instructors anounced that after all tests had been done all third year recruits were to prepare for the Hot Dog Run, a trip out into the cursed earth.

Hot Dog Run
Hot dog run
For their Hot Dog Run the Squad found itself divided for the first time as they were sent out in two man teams into the Cursed Earth. Thane and Striker were one team and Rose and Rolley the other. They set out from different gates, wishing each other luck.

Thane and Striker went south towards a small mutant community 150 kilometers out. There they spent a few days getting to know the locals and being shown examples of how things work by their guide Judge Rayne. 3 days in they were called upon to Judge a case of theft made by one family against another. Striker made a hasty judgement that Judge Rayne over ruled, citing that Striker needed to brush up on his law. Judge Rayne then pronounced his own judgement and one of the those he sentenced decided to take out their anger on Striker. The mutant advanced on him angrily but before he could stop him Cadet Thane intervened, knocking the man to the ground and staring him down. The town accepted this and gave Thane their respect but Striker had to return to the Mega City shamed a little.

When Rose and Rolley returned they seemed in good spirits but didn’t relate the results of their trip. They did seem closer though and both Thane and Strike began to suspect that a lot more had happened then they were letting on.

Term 4
Entering their final term all the Cadets braced themselves for a gruelling four years. Squad 13 stood by each other, helping each other study and prepare for every test. The attitudes and habits of Street Judges started to set in, but their life long friendships endured. Any time any of them started to fall behind the others quickly stepped in to help. Long hours were spent in the library, in the gym and in the shooting range and within months time for frivolity dried up. Everything became about routine and duty.

By the time the fourth and final year rolled around Squad 13 was leading the other squads in most areas and before any of them knew it it came time for their final exercise in the Mega City One recreation. They dominated.

The years of tactical training they had endured and perfected together showed, they advanced through each block, taking down drones with efficiency and deadly accuracy. Rolley tore through droids with his daystick while Rose covered him with her Lawgiver. Thane ordered Striker into the buildings and after “acquiring” a rifle Striker began taking out drones with headshots. Thane called targets and took point, taking down the leader bot, grabbing him by the throat and then shooting him in the head.

The final exam could not have gone better and all four of them were riding high off their success but they al knew they still had to go through their Full Eagle Day to be allowed on the street as full fledged Judges.

Full Eagle Day
Full eagle day
Finally the day came for each Cadet to experience their Full Eagle Day, the day where they would be assigned to a Senior Street Judge for one day of final evaluation, their performance under real world conditions would affect the Senior Judges decision to pass/fail the cadet, and their decision is final.

Cadet Striker was assigned to Judge Eugene Smalley. Judge Smalley took the cadet out on patrol and soon they were confronted with a perp driving erratically along one of the megways. Judge Smalley told the cadet to take it and Striker accelerated towards him, his sirens blaring and his voice booming over the Lawmasters loud speaker ordering him to stop. The perp sped up to escape and Striker drew up along side, the perp swerved into the Lawmaster but Striker maneuvered around him. With 4 counts already against him Striker drew his Lawgiver and took a shot at the perps tires, blowing them out. The perp swerved into the megway’s median, away from traffic. They dragged the perp out of the wreck and sentenced him to 30 years in the Isocubes.

Cadet Thane drew Judge Sharon Gold, a young Judge from sector 26. They proceeded to answer a Block Riot call from DiCaprio block. On arrival the crowd was already engaged in rioting, Judge Gold told the cadet to call it and he called in for backup and riot foam. They waded into the crowd looking for the instigators and soon became separated. One perp outright attacked Cadet Thane, hitting him hard. Thane responded in anger, hitting the perp hard enough to knock him down and then went to hit him again, luckily common sense prevailed and he instead grabbed the perp and sentenced him to 5 years. Judge Gold witnessed the exchange and asked him why he hit back, Thane paused for a moment and then responded that he lost control momentarily and that it wouldn’t happen again. They both continued with the arrests until the Meat wagons arrived to take away the rioters.

Both Cadets returned to the sector house at the end of their shifts and awaited the decisions of their preceding Judges. Both of them passed and we’re presented with their Black helmets, eagle armour and badges. They were assigned to sector house 13 and told to report in the next day to Chief DiMaggio.

Cadets Rose and Rolley also passed their Full Eagle Days, both of them were assigned positions in sector 19.


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