Public Surveillance Unit (PSU)

The PSU is the organisation behind Mega-City One’s millions of street cameras and spy-in-
the-sky units. Its brief is to monitor the public lives of all citizens from the moment they leave their apartments to when they once more enter and lock the door behind them. Tek personnel assisted by robots, sort through the information gathered by the cameras and then classify it into one of four categories – benign, suspicious, threatening or dangerous.


The benign category is regularly archived onto the database every thirty days, having no
further value to PSU. A suspicious rating prompts further surveillance and a long-term archive,
as will threatening but the latter often validates the passive involvement of Street Division
operatives. A dangerous rating is automatically routed to Street Division so that immediate action – preventative or curative – can be undertaken with minimum delay.

The PSU is headquartered within the Statue of Judgement in Sector 44, governed by a ‘nerve
centre’ sited in the Statue’s rockcrete head. Though citizens are unaware of this, the location
of PSU is an everyday warning to all Judges that nobody is above the Law. One day, their own
indiscretions may be captured on a film slug and used against them.

Public Surveillance Unit (PSU)

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