Sector 13

Sector 13 is in the old state of New Jersey, bordering the island of Manhattan and the old conurb of New York. Heavily devastated during the Apocalypse War, it has seen some of the most vigorous rebuilding projects anywhere on Mega-City One although there are still many no-go areas that are
either too dangerous because of the instability of the ruined buildings, rad-pockets or because the criminal gangs have managed to impose street-rule.

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The sector is bifurcated by the north/south axis of the Superslab and its eastern border (with Sector 14) is marked by the old Delaware River. The river, dreadfully polluted, has been sealed over by almost a century of Mega-City Building work; however the Apocalypse War uncovered some stretches of the dark, festering, Black Atlantic-bound waterway and these have yet to be recovered. The Delaware is nicknamed the Big Greasy by Sector 13 citizens and is known to be infested with rad-rats, mutated fi sh, lizards and other unpleasantness.

Sector 13 is also close to the Eustace Fargo Spaceport, which makes it one of the fi rst ports of call for returning spacers, alien tourists and disembarking passengers – as well as a retreat for perps looking to get off-world ASAP.

Sector 13 at a glance:

Population: 1.5 million

Major Roads: Mega-City One Superslab (90km length)
Buddy Abbott Megway
Aaron Burr Megway
Davey Copperfi eld Megway
Whitney Houston Mega-Circular
Norm Mailer Megway Intersect
Dionne Warwick Xpress Tunnel
Alfi e Stieglitz Skedway
Phil Roth Overzoom

Notable Industries: Nervotek Chemicals; Randellson Pharmaceuticals; MC-1 Chemdustries; Gud-U-Feel
Pharmacology; Sensen Electronics; Videoshak Consumer Durables; Van-Dan-Meer Industrial Supplies; Mikrodyne Engineering.

Notable Blocks

Buzz Aldrin Block
Population: 35,000
Block Assembly: BABS
Allies: Jimmy Gandolfini
Enemies: Dotty Parker

Jon Bon Jovi Block
Population: 42,000
Block Assembly: Lost Highwaymen
Allies: Zeb Pike
Enemies: Bruce Springsteen

Lloyd H Conover Block
Population: 38,000
Block Assembly: LHC Block Rep Committee
Allies: None
Enemies: Jimmy Gandolfini

Jimmy Gandolfini Block
Population: 27,000
Block Assembly: JG Choir Assembly
Allies: Buzz Aldrin
Enemies: Lloyd H Conover

Dotty Parker Block
Population: 50,000
Block Assembly: DP Representatives Forum
Allies: Bruce Springsteen
Enemies: Buzz Aldrin

Zeb Pike Block
Population: 33,000
Block Assembly: Zeb Citizens’ Forum
Allies: Jon Bon Jovi
Enemies: Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Block
Population: 29,000
Block Assembly: The E Street Band
Allies: Dotty Parker
Enemies: Jon Bon Jovi, Zeb Pike

Sector 13

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