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Welcome to Mega City One

In Bad Moon Rising the players take on the roles of newly graduated Judges (Judge Thane and Judge Striker) to bring Justice to Sector 13 of Mega City One.

The year is 2131 and crime in Mega City One is as rampant as ever. Legendary lawman Judge Dredd is now in his 70’s and spends most of his time with the other members of the Council of Five. New recruits Thane and Striker have just completed their Full Eagle Day and are eager to get out onto the streets and bring justice to their fair city.

Bad Moon Rising is a pre-made Campaign released by Mongoose Publishing. We will not be reprinting entire sections of the adventure except for relevant info such as conversations or descriptions that are relevant. This campaign is about the player’s choices as newly appointed Judges in Sector 13 of Mega City One and all updates will reflect the choices they’ve made during their adventures. As the campaign progresses spoilers will appear so if you are playing in this campaign please either avoid the spoilers (I will do my best to indicate where they are) or keep them to yourself during your own games.

Any excerpts from any printed books will be indicated and all rights are reserved their respective publishers.

Judge Dredd - Bad Moon Rising

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